How to Decorate a Dining Room That is Modern and Functional?

How to Decorate a Dining Room That is Modern and Functional

Using neutrals as a base is a safe bet when you want a multifunctional dining room. They are soothing and create a tranquil atmosphere. You can add intimacy by dimming overhead lights or lighting taper candles. Read on to discover the different options that are available to you. Then, get creative with the rest of the space. Don’t forget to include some greenery as well!


Symmetry can help create balance, and it can be a great way to create an interesting and well-designed space. Symmetry is commonly used to create the focal point of a space, but it can also be used in the minor details. Consider using the symmetry of a window to create an interesting focal point.

The concept of symmetry originated from the Greek word symmetry, meaning “measure together.” Symmetry is a mathematical concept in which items on either side of a centreline are the same. This concept has long fascinated humans, and symmetrical designs have been a popular choice for architects throughout history. The concept of symmetry has also been employed by modernists.

Symmetry creates a sense of balance and rhythm, and it is a great way to bring more harmony to a small space. This interior design concept can be enhanced by thematic design. For example, a dining room with a jungle theme could be decorated with a forest-green color on one half of the wall, while the other half is painted white. A diagonal paint design can also make a room look even more symmetrical.

The design should have a focal point, which should be the heaviest object in the room. It should be complemented by a similar object on either side, or with a grouping of visually lighter objects. It is also important to keep proportions in mind. The scale and proportion of each piece should be the same as the room’s size. The length of an ottoman should be two-thirds of the width of the sofa. Likewise, the width of a piece of artwork should fill three-fifths of the wall.

Wall art lends a classic elegance to a room. Paintings of landscapes, mythological scenes, and vintage-style portraits are some popular choices. A large wall art can be hung above the mantle or above a bed to create visual interest. By lining the walls of a dining room with artistic pieces, you can also create an illusion of symmetry. Another good way to add symmetry to a room is by using dark wood bookcases.


Mirrors are a great way to create a spacious look in a dining room. They can be placed on the wall across from the dining table to reflect the surrounding space. Candles of different heights and plants can be placed on them to add ambiance to the room. Mirrors can also be enhanced with wall sconces and artwork. If you are planning to hang a large mirror in your dining room, make sure it is firmly attached to the wall and is at eye level.

Mirror wall decor is an inexpensive way to dress up your wall and add style. Hanging a mirror with a gold or geometric frame will add interest to your wall. You can also use a mirror in a rustic style with a sophisticated frame.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to decorate a dining room with mirrors, try incorporating them with other pieces of art. The reflection of the artwork doubles the visual impact. It’s especially effective with large-scale pieces. You can use a mirror as a gallery wall, displaying your art work.

The height of the mirrors is also an important factor. For average-height people, the center of the mirror should be at 48 to 50 inches above the floor. If it is too high, it will look disconnected from the rest of the room. The height can also be adjusted according to the height of the members of the household. Choosing the right height will give the mirrors a balanced look and prevent people from straining their necks to look at them.

Mirrors are a great way to add beauty and shine to a dining room. They can also give your dining room a more modern feel. Try hanging a large rectangular mirror above the sideboard buffet. You can also use floor lamps or hanging chandeliers to create an intimate atmosphere.


Whether you’re looking for a sideboard for storage purposes or as a design feature, there are many ways to incorporate one into your dining room. You can choose an open storage space, a cabinet with doors, a sliding or swinging door, or a combination of these features. Choosing the right type of storage unit is critical to achieving an overall look and feel that’s both modern and functional.

Aside from enhancing your dining room’s visual appeal, sideboards also offer storage space for table linens, candles, and seasonal table settings. They can be organized neatly, or left open for a lighter look. Choosing a sideboard with open shelving can give your dining room a brighter, airier feel, but it will require some organization.

When choosing sideboards, consider their use and size. Aside from serving a function, sideboards can also be used to display artwork and decor. Similar to buffets, sideboards have evolved over the years to include compartments and drawers. Some even come with hutches, which are great for displaying decorative objects. The perfect sideboard for your dining room should complement your existing furniture.

Sideboards have been used in homes since before the days of fitted kitchens and cabinets. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, they became a popular decoration piece in affluent homes. These pieces provided extra storage space and were particularly useful for small families or households without large kitchens. The popularity of sideboards declined in the 20th century as more people began living in more modern and functional homes.

If you’re looking for a classic look for your dining room, a black sideboard will do the trick. This piece of furniture will enhance the room’s minimalist style while still offering plenty of storage space. The dark color will bring a sophisticated look to your dining room and complement any contemporary design style.


Plants add a natural element to any dining room, adding light and color. The right selection of greenery can help you balance other accessories in the room, while also keeping the look fresh and modern. Choose durable plants that won’t look out of place despite exposure to the elements. You should clean them regularly to prevent them from wilting. Also, keep them away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Avoid placing heavy objects on them, such as plates and glasses.

When decorating your dining room, consider using a plant to accentuate the center of the room. There are many varieties of plants that add beauty to a dining area, and they can represent different interior design themes. Cut flowers, for example, can add a feminine feel to a room, while branches can add a natural element. If your dining room has natural light, consider using succulents or other plants. For darker dining rooms with no windows, consider using silk flowers or faux plants instead. Adding greenery to your table can also be a great way to draw attention to artwork hanging in the room.

Another great way to decorate a dining room with plants is to mix different styles of seating. For example, you can mix upholstered bench seating with wood dining chairs. You can also add a potted indoor tree to your dining area to bring a little bit of nature indoors.

Storage options

One of the best ways to create a modern and functional dining room is to incorporate storage furniture into the space. Depending on the size of your space, you can choose from a bar cart, sideboard, china display cabinet, or cubbies. The style of the storage furniture you choose will depend on the style of the rest of the room.

You can also use wall space to store jugs, glasses, and other decorative items. A grid can help create an uncluttered appearance and can also be a stylish design feature. Alternatively, you can go for an industrial look by using storage that is not the traditional way of storing items. For example, you can use weathered metal lockers instead of wicker baskets.

Floating shelves are another good option if you want to keep the room looking minimalist. These shelves can fill awkward corners in your dining room and act as open or vertical storage. They are also an excellent option for displaying ornaments, photos, and collections. And you can decorate them to fit your style.

Other storage options for a dining room include sideboards and buffets. China cabinets are a common option and come in a variety of styles. They are typically large and are a great choice for large dining rooms. They provide plenty of storage space and can help keep your dining room looking clean and clutter free.

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